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The ONLY technology that treats multiple CAUSES of acne
in one SINGLE treatment. (p. acne bacteria and hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores)


TheraClear Acne Therapy is a breakthrough acne treatment that combines a gentle vacuum with a painless therapeutic broadband light.
The TheraClear system is FDA cleared to treat the widest range of acne in all skin types

  • Mild to moderate inflammatory acne (Acne Vulgaris)
  • Comdonal Acne
  • Pustular Acne

How does TheraClear work?

TheraClear’s Gentle Deep Extraction Technologyâ„¢ cleanses the pore

  • Sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria are extracted from deep within the pore
  • Blocked pathways are cleared so oral and topical medications work better

Concentrated Light Destroys Acne Causing Bacteria

  • Immediate results within 24-48 hours post treatment
  • Dramatic improvement in skin texture with a reduction in pore size

Unique Skin Cooling System Keeps Skin Comfortable

  • FDA approved to treat all skin types including darker skinned patients

What can I expect?

The doctor will place the hand piece on the treatment area. You will then feel a gentle pressure which removes acne causing bacteria and cleanses skin. Concentrated therapeutic light then destroys bacteria and helps calm inflammation., after which treatment is completed, with pores cleansed.

What are the main benefits of TheraClear’s acne therapy?

  • No pain, no downtime
  • Fast 10 minute treatments
  • Visible improvement
  • Effective on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, commodenal and pustular acne
  • Requires no pre-treatment gels or anaesthetics
  • Safe on all skin types

How many treatment sessions will it take?

It usually takes 4 to 5 treatments. More sessions may be likely for more severe acne. The treatment interval is weekly or every two weeks.

How long do the results last?

Patients typically stay clear for three months post-treatment. Those on maintenance regiments have stayed clear for a year or more.

Why is this better than other acne treatment devices?

Those devices do not have a suction component. Without suction, the sebum remains inside the pilosebaceous gland, making the treatment far less effective.

Who is this for?

ThereClear is right for you if

  • You have acne
  • Your skin is oily and/or you have large pores
  • Over the counter acne medications just don’t seem to work for you
  • You choose to avoid systemic treatments for acne such as oral antibiotics
  • Your acne does not respond to antibiotics
  • You want to avoid the side effects associated with drugs
  • Previous laser treatments have been too painful and not very effective




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