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Our Clinic

The Children & Adults Skin Hair and Laser Clinic is a dermatology specialist clinic located at
Mt Elizabeth Novena, the newest addition to the Parkway group of hospitals. We provide a comprehensive rangeof specialist skin services and treat a wide range of both adult and children skin conditions.
Our areas of expertise include eczema, birthmarks, pimples and pigmentation.

Children & Adults Skin Hair Laser Clinic offers a wide range of treatments from non-invasive, non-surgical procedures to minor excisions of small skin growths; designed to restore your skin’s health and natural beauty in the shortest possible time. Most of our treatments have have minimal or no downtime. These
include laser skin treatments, fillers, chemical peels and skincare products for both women & men.

At Children & Adults Skin Hair and Laser Clinic, we understand that not all skin-types respond to the same
type of treatment; that's why we offer options. From natural skincare to state of the art laser therapy;
from children skin conditions to adult beauty indulgences, we've got all your skin needs covered.

We believe in building a lifelong relationship with you, catering to
your skin needs at every stage of your life.
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About us

About Dr Lynn Chiam
Our Clinic
What is a Dermatologist?

Dr Lynn Chiam, a dermatologist, of Children and Adult Skin Clinic in Singapore is an expert in treating all skin problems on all ages. Visit her Skin and Hair Laser Clinic in Singapore. Get your solution today!




Commom Adult Conditions

Acne Vulgaris
Eczema/ Dermatitis
Skin Cancers
Adult Hair Loss
Common Acquired Facial Pigmentation
Viral Warts

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