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Targeted Body Shaping & Skin Tightening

The search for a shapelier body without going under the knife has encouraged Children & Adult
Skin Clinic to introduce The revolutionary non-invasive Exilis™ Body Shaping & Skin Tightening
Treatment. Exilis™ uses focused RadioFrequency (RF) technology to redefine appearances by
reducing wrinkles, treating laxity and reshaping the body—from head to toe— in just 4 - 6 comfortable treatment sessions.

What is Exilis™?

Exilis is the latest generation of FDA approved non-invasive RF (radio frequency) device which safely
and effectively delivers precisely the right amount of thermal energy in a controlled manner to your
skin and subcutaneous tissue to melt unwanted fat and tighten skin laxity virtually anywhere on the
face and body. The key benefit of Exilis is its ability to target focused RF with the ideal combination of
heating and cooling to achieve the best cosmetic outcome while keeping patients comfortable and
pain-free. The procedure has no downtime, no pain, no anesthetic and no side effects. No pain
medications are required during or after the treatment

How does it work for :

Skin Tightening

Exilis delivers highly controlled volumetric heating deep in the dermis to contract, remodel, and
stimulate new collagen fibers resulting in smoother, firmer, healthier looking skin. The more collagen
producing treatments one has the less likely to see the effects of aging on the skin. Popular areas to
treat are around the eyes, face, neck, arms and abdomen.

Body Contouring

Exilis generates focused heat to penetrate into the deeper adipose (fatty) layers causing the release
of liquefied fat (via increased metabolic activity) from your fat cells, thereby shrinking the fat cells.
Popular areas to treat are the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, love handles, and back folds. Moderate
exercise, healthy diet, and drinking plenty of water ( 2 - 3 liters) the day before, day of, and day after
your Exilis treatment  are beneficial to see good results.

How many ExilisTM treatments will I need? How long do results last?

Exilis generally takes about 30–60 minutes per session and 4-6 treatments are required, spaced 10
days to 3 weeks apart. Some pinkness may persist for 15-30 minutes post treatment. Patients should
increase water intake and engage in light exercise such as walking post-treatment to enhance
cosmetic results. 

What results can I expect?

The patient satisfaction rate is high, with circumferential reductions ranging from 4 cm to 15 cm of
volume loss after 4-6 treatment sessions spaced at approx 2 week intervals.  One can expect
smoothing of wrinkles, tightening of skin, and contouring of the face and/or body. The best results
will be appreciated 2-3 months after a series of treatments. Patients show persistent results at least
six months after the Exilis treatment. To maintain skin tightening results, 1 treatment every 4-6
months is required for maintenance

Many clients are so pleased with the results that they decide to have additional areas treated and
refer others for treatment.

Exilis Treats:

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Face
  • Eyes (periorbital areas)
  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Chest
  • Abdomen fat / flaccid tummy
  • Buttock fat/ laxity
  • Arm fat/ laxity
  • Thigh fat / laxity
  • Bra fat / back folds
  • Love handles

Exilis Benefits:

  • Lose inches
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Contour
  • Tighten & firm sagging skin
  • Reduce stubborn fat
  • Non-surgical
  • No down-time
  • Painless, no pain medications required
  • No side effects

Is Exilis Safe?

Exilis has been tested in clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective. The device has been
cleared by Health Science Authority in Singapore and the FDA for use in aesthetic procedures.
At Children & Adult Skin Clinic, all Exilis treatments are performed by a trained device operator.

Is Exilis right for me?

Exilis is recommended for any patient between the ages of 35 and 70+ who desires cosmetic
improvement to their face or body. . Exilis therapy is not to be used as a weight loss system. Ideal
candidates are those who are close to their ideal weight and cannot lose stubborn pockets of fat
through diet or exercise

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